Sports cars must handle exceptionally on the road. The better the handling, then the better the overall driving experience becomes. The Ford Mustang remains a popular sports car year after year. And yes, excellent handling contributes to that result.

As much as we'd like to drive in perfect conditions, not every road is without flaws. The Ford Mustang is ready for the harsh roads. The car's brilliant MagneRide Damping System reveals the incredible way handling capabilities receive an assist from advanced technology. The feature's suspension assist keeps the ride going smooth. Bumpy roads might not become too bumpy for comfort anymore.

The independent rear suspension also supports a smoother ride. One intriguing aspect of the suspension is its ability to cut down on body roll. So, you get a better ride.

Take a test drive in comfort on the local Columbia City, IN roads. Over at City Ford, we know you'll appreciate the experience of driving the Ford Mustang.

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