When the Ford Fusion travels on the highway, its impressive exterior design elements get people's attention. This automobile is available in multiple colors and a variety of unique trims, so the process of finding an option that suits your style won't be a hassle.

The Fusion is a sophisticated automobile with elegant color options. Each color compliments the grille that's made out of a mesh material. On the road, the mesh commands attention because it has a glossy tone that matches the metal trimming under the headlights. The wheels also standout, and they're available in multiple colors and sizes. No matter what style you equip on a Fusion, the design will make an impact.

You can check out wheel options, paint styles, packages, and more at City Ford. We have a dedicated staff that sells Fusions to locals in Columbia City, IN. During your visit, you can also arrange a test drive in a Ford Fusion.

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