The Ford Flex is a popular choice among SUV owners who want three-row seating capability in a mid-sized vehicle. The new vehicles come standard with a number of technological features than enhance the journey. Examine the latest Flex models at our Columbia City, IN City Ford location. Enjoy a quick test drive.

Parking becomes much easier thanks to the assistive technology. The vehicle's sensors continually monitor the distance between the Flex and other vehicles and obstacles. It also detects available parking spots. The system provides the driver with guidance for shifting, accelerating and braking as needed. The Flex also does the steering for you.

The safety system alerts the driver should a vehicle, pedestrian or obstacle enter the front or rear of the vehicle to prevent a potential collision. The rear-view camera makes backing up safer too. The cruise control adapts itself to the speed of the traffic. When traffic slows, the Ford Flex slows. When traffic speeds up, the cruise control resumes the designated speed.

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