Have you always wondered what the recommended oil change schedule is for your vehicle? Now's your chance to get those questions answered by your local City Ford service center located just minutes from local hotspots like North Manchester, IN, and Fort Wayne, IN.

General Oil Change Recommendations

Of course, it's always best practice to check your owner's manual for the most accurate duration of oil changes, but as a general rule, it's recommended you come in for an oil change every six months or 5,000-miles. The older, or higher mileage, your vehicle is, the more frequently you'll need oil changes. If you have a new or low mileage vehicle, you could find that you only need your oil changed every 7,500-miles or once per year.

Key Signs It's Time for an Oil Change

There are a few different signs that you need to come in for an oil change as soon as possible. Your engine oil's level is a key part of your model's performance and health. You don't want to ignore these signs:

  • An illumination check engine light or low oil light
  • A burning or il smell inside the vehicle
  • Smoke coming out of your exhaust pipe
  • Dark oil or low oil when you check it yourself

These symptoms could indicate an oil leak, low oil level, or another service issue that needs attention by one of our team members. Please schedule an appointment with us to put your mind, and your vehicle's health, at ease.

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