If you can't wait to get your next vehicle to drive in Fort Wayne, then why not custom order one online at City Ford? There are plenty of reasons to custom order your vehicle at our dealership. Here are some of the best reasons to custom order a new Ford .

Buy a Car from the Comfort of Your Home

When you make a custom order from City Ford, you can do so while resting on the couch or having a cup of coffee in your breakfast nook. Just visit our website and click the Order Your Next vehicle link at the top of the page. From there, you can order your dream vehicle exactly as you want it.

Get the Features You Want

If you have been thinking long and hard about the vehicle you want, you might also have a solid idea of which features you want. When you custom order a new Ford from our dealership, you can make sure that it has all the features you want. You can also specify the trim you want. Custom ordering is a great way to make sure you get the car you have been daydreaming about driving in North Manchester.

Easy Delivery to Your Home

Once we get your order and confirm it, we will do everything we can to make sure you get your vehicle in a timely manner. If we can't find it anywhere in our inventory, we will place an order with Ford to make sure you get your vehicle. Once it arrives at our dealership, we will contact you and arrange its delivery to your home in Huntington, IN.

Custom Order a New Ford Today

If a new Ford vehicle with exciting features sounds like a great idea to you, then you should be sure to custom order yours on the City Ford website. To learn more about custom orders, contact us today!

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