Your car's battery is an often overlooked yet vital component. Without a properly functioning battery, your vehicle could fail to start, and you could be left stranded. That is why here at City Ford in Fort Wayne, we offer free battery checks and offer battery service on all Ford vehicles. As North Manchester's number one Ford dealer, we are committed to offering the best driving experience your Ford has to offer. Continue reading below to learn more about your vehicle's battery or give us a call any time for any concerns or questions you may have.

How Do I Know When My Battery Needs Replacing?

Most batteries can last around 3-5 years. Some may fail sooner or last longer, and the life of your battery can be affected by many factors. But one key sign that your battery may be on its last leg is if your vehicle is struggling more to start or take longer because your battery is no longer providing the same voltage as when it was new, and it would be a good idea to have your battery checked out.

What Are My Options If My Battery Is Dead or Struggles to Start My Vehicle?

The most obvious answer is that you could simply replace the battery with a new one. We offer batteries for every Ford vehicle at our service center here in Huntington, IN, and our team will install the new battery and dispose of the old battery for you.

In some cases, a deep cycle and charge can restore your battery to its proper condition. We have the tools necessary to diagnose and charge your battery if possible and offer this service free of charge. If you think your battery may not be performing at its peak level, bring it by our Ford Service Center in Columbia City, IN, and let us diagnose it for you.

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