Whether you're on the hunt for an SUV or looking for a powerful truck that can handle your heavy lifting, you've likely come across figures describing the vehicle's towing and payload capacities. These are important pieces of information to keep in mind if you're planning on carrying a lot of heavy cargo as you explore Columbia City, IN. Knowing what your vehicle is capable of is essential because overloading your truck or SUV can cause major damage to it. Find out more about towing capacity and payload capacity here at City Ford.

What Is Towing Capacity?

Towing capacity is the weight that your vehicle can pull behind it, as opposed to inside it. If you're looking to hitch up a trailer and carry extra gear that way, then understanding your vehicle's towing capacity is crucial because it tells you how much weight you can safely tow around Fort Wayne.

What is towing capacity, exactly? It's your vehicle's Combined Vehicle Weight Rating (GCVWR) minus the curb weight of the vehicle. GCVWR amounts to the combined weight of your vehicle and the trailer, along with the weight of any cargo. Curb weight is what your vehicle weighs with no passengers or cargo.

What Is Payload Capacity?

Payload capacity is the maximum weight that your vehicle can carry. So, that's everything inside the cabin and, if applicable, the truck bed. If you're planning on hauling a lot of cargo, you need to make sure that the weight of what you're bringing with you doesn't exceed your car's capabilities, so be sure to take the weight of your cargo as well as the weight of everything else in the car (that includes passengers) doesn't go over the weight limit.

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