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City Ford Provides Commercial Vans and Trucks in Columbia City, IN

If you need a truck or van for work use, our dealership has you covered. You can find new Ford work vehicles for sale here at our showroom serving Fort Wayne. We are here to guide you through these options and give you the chance to learn more about each of them in greater detail at our dealership, as you can utilize these options to grow your business and stay moving!

Use a Ford F-150 for Commercial Business Needs

If you need a reliable pickup truck that is fully capable and can perform for your business, we have commercial F-150 options here. You will find the same capabilities as those sold to individuals, but have the ability to add some custom features too whether it is add-on parts and accessories, or you need a specialized truck bed. We can help you find that and will make sure you're able to meet the demands of the job site.

F-150 trucks for work are standouts for contractors, landscapers, construction, and all sorts of work, so if you're interested, be sure to get in touch and we can help those from North Manchester to Huntington find the right one.

Ford Super Duty Commercial Trucks Do Heavy Lifting

For even more variety, there are Ford Super Duty work trucks. This includes the F-250 and F-350, but you will also find choices like the F-450 and F-550 available. These come with truck beds but also are chassis cab options which means you can fit whatever you need for your business onto the back of the vehicle. That might be a box for storage and moving, utility options for electrical work, dump and hydraulic trucks, flatbed trucks, tow trucks and so much more. We'll help connect you to where you can get this customization and ensure you're getting the right truck that is capable of doing the heavy lifting and carrying around specialty materials in Fort Wayne and beyond.

Ford Passenger Vans

Livery services, shuttle services, or organizations that need school and sports team transport will find the Ford Transit lineup of passenger vans a quality choice for you. These allow you to seat up to 15 onboard and can be configured in a number of different ways to ensure everyone can get onboard so you can take passengers to your final destination with ease. There is a lot to like as these passenger vans have versatility like large sliding and opening side and rear doors, making for easy entry and cargo storage.

Ford Work Vans for Business on the Go

You can also utilize a Ford van for work too. There is the compact Ford Transit Connect, as well as the forthcoming E-Transit, plus the Transit vans that offer larger options and room. Professions like plumbing and HVAC as well as electricians, utility work, catering, delivery, and more find these vans to be positive in advancing their business goals. You can choose the roof size, get customization options to add shelving and storage units in the van, plus you get easy access via sliding doors and rear doors that can store lots onboard.

Find Your Ideal Ford Commercial Vehicle Today

The team here at City Ford would be happy to provide more information and details on our commercial truck and van lineup. If you're ready to get started contact us and we can begin discussions soon.